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Twitchy screaming John Crichton. *click*

Boring badly-made crime documentary. *click*

Scary monster cartoon on YTV. *click*

Evil MacLeod Kills Richie episode! Nooo! *clickclickclickbacktoTwitchyJohnFarscape*

...I'm not really sure I can manage this episode more than once a year. :(

EDIT: I lied, of course. As I do with every episode involving the MacLeod sword which I make myself watch just to get to the point where Methos hands him the sword, wrapped in the hunting tartan, and I look over to where the same tartan is draped over my printer table, and I go "Yee! Family pride!"

'Cause I'm not the only one who totally over-uses MacLeods in fiction, nyah. :P

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