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I have comitted genocide. *sober face*

There were two pieces of tupperware living in the fridge in the old place with Things living in them. They started out leftovers and ended up unpronouncable and Developing Language Skills. Eventually we were afraid to open them, approach them, or look at them funny. When we finished cleaning up the place, Mum found them, made great big loud noises of Indignance, and set to cleaning them out with Mum-like gusto. I brought them home.

They still smelled like Things. So I bleached them. Then I washed them. Then I bleached them a few more times.

I have killed the smell! *dance*

Also, my chives are almost an inch high. :) And I took my shelves apart so now I have a long shelfy table instead, and a space for the scanner, in theory, in future.

And the buds on my rose seem to be... growing back? Is that possible? I'm pretty sure it's not. (Mutant rose! Neat! I wonder what else it can do? So long as it doesn't grow into the house and try to throttle me.)

(I have no idea who's going to water my plants while I'm gone. In this weather they need to be watered every day, and I'm not sure anybody's going to be here to do that. I was going to leave them all with Mum, but she's going back East soon after I leave, and nobody else in my family is responsible enough to take care of them.)

Okay... studying for make-up exam now. Then outlining final paper for same class. Then studying for lab exam Thursday. Then not even pretending to think about school again 'til after Dexcon.


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Jul. 26th, 2004 08:12 pm (UTC)
hmmm, do you think if you bring them inside they won't dry out as quickly? or are they already inside?
Jul. 26th, 2004 09:24 pm (UTC)
I've got inside and outside ones. Problem is, it's so hot during the day that bringing them inside won't do much to keep them from drying out as fast as if they were outside; the temperature is almost the same. Poor plants. *pets them*
Jul. 27th, 2004 03:46 am (UTC)
it's not that I'm irresponsable... i'm just forgetful.. and if I happen to see any kind of bug near your plants, I would not even go near them, for fear it was a bee or wasp. just thought I'd clear that up :P
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