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Pardon me while I rant.

My loan apps finally went through. Approved. Hooray. I can eat.

Usually loan monies are split between repayable loans and non-repayable grants. The loan's usually a bit bigger.

This year, the EVIL FUCKERS DIDN'T GIVE ME ANY GRANTS. I just have TWO LOANS. One BC Student Loan (which I've never had before), one Canada Student Loan.

WHERE THE FUCKING HELL ARE THE GRANTS? I qualify for like... three different ones. Why the HELL am I getting all loans? Like I NEEDED $3700 extra debt? This is not helpful! This is, in fact, the very OPPOSITE of helpful! You STUPID, EVIL LIBERAL FUCKWADS. Where's the goddamned Millennium Scholarship Bursary? Where's the Federal Grant?

Fuck, fuck, FUCK. I thought this might happen, but I was very, very much hoping that it wouldn't. They killed Provincial Grants. Stupid FUCKERS.

When the hell is the provincial election, again? I've got some vitriol in a big jar with Asshat Campbell's name on it.

Excuse me. I need chocolate. >.

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