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La la la, today.

Went to MEC, bought new water bottles and grocery bag. Intended to take yshynseth's over to him, but there was nobody home when I phoned.

Was walking to bus stop past one of the several dozen MEC rip-off stores littering Broadway, and spied Teva flip-flops in the window. On the off-chance, went in.

The result: I now have my Teva X-Terras, and they are brown and green with suns on them. Whee. ^.^

And now I will take a lukewarm shower because it is frelling hot out there and I am all sweaty and gross. (That makes two today. Stupid summer. :P)

EDIT: At New West station saw two of the oldest Drunk White Trash *ever*, complete with fake nails and cowboy hats. I swear they were like... eighty. Something. *shudder*

Also, what is it about me that really makes every single lost person on the entire Translink system ask *me* for directions? I mean, I don't really mind, but it seems like at least twice a day some confused transit newbie is asking me how to get somewhere, or where to get a Fastrax, etc. Hmm.

GLOATY EDIT: I went to Salvation Army before class, and now I have glasses. I got nine glasses, a nifty fitted jacket, and milk crate, for five dollars! Yay! And none of the glasses match! Hah! :D

PURSUANT EDIT: Yes, I know, you're supposed to steal milk crates, not buy them. But they've gotten extremely difficult to steal and anyway, if it was sitting in Salvation Army it was probably stolen initially, so it still counts. *nods*

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