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You can always tell who's not a regular transit rider. They get on the bus slowly, looking around with anxious faces, and they usually are carrying either a) very little, ie: teeny-tiny little useless purses and extremely un-sensible shoes or b) carrying whole shitloads very inefficiently packed, like big tottering stacks of pillows, etc. Regular transit folk wear sensible(ish) shoes for running for the bus, and pack everything little and close to our bodies so we don't drop/lose/catch anything in the doors.

The newbies, also? Can *never* figure out which way goes the ticket. You wouldn't think it so hard. It's got an arrow, pointing down, and writing that tells you explicity how to put the ticket into the machine. But they stand there, confused and blinking rapidly, and it's even worse when the driver, fed up with the time-wasting, reaches over to take it from them and do it for them, and they won't give him the ticket, like he's going to steal it and run away laughing or something. Two such newbies held up the 97 for almost five full minutes today, arguing with each other over which way the ticket was supposed to be inserted. Finally the driver told them to either do it right, or get the hell off. Everyone applauded.

Also, people? Yield to the bus. They've got those big yellow triangles that say so. Also, they're bigger. Today:

Stupid Little Teal Car: Ooh! I bet I can get by before the bus pulls out from the curb. *inch, inch*
All Other Traffic on Road: *speed, speed, block left lane*
Bus: *wearing big yellow Yield sticker* Hey, you. Stupid little teal car. Stay there. I go first.
Stupid Little Teal Car: La la la, I'm going to pass the bus, la la la la...
Bus: *gets pissed off and nudges ahead*
Stupid Little Teal Car: *honk* Hey!
Bus: I am the bus. I win.

I want new sport sandals, damnit. My old ones are past dead. But I want fabricy ones, like Teva. (I keep looking at the Hurricane and the Cross Terra and ooh. ;) Nobody around here sells anything but the reallyreally expensive Tevas (Anybody know of anything anywhere in the GVRD with a reasonable selection of Teva?). I guess I could order them off the site, but that could take weeks. >.<

Got a guestbook entry today from a completely random person trawling my site who said my music "rawks". ^.^

Have eight AM class. Um... reading. Right.

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