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And to think, Friday used to be the good weekday.

Yay: I finally got my reg date (sorry: "Enrollment Date") and my Computing ID (I have an email addy. I'm so proud. That makes... *counts* nine? ;), and now I can settle into panicking over seat numbers as per usual in the time leading up to the beginning of a semester (oops: "term").

(They changed all their terminology. That's so cute.)

Also, have submitted all student loan stuff, now need only mail the paper bits.

Boo: Still have roughly two-thirds of stuff to pack, and am out of boxes.

Have a field trip tomorrow and I'm still not entirely clear on how to *get* there.

Have been attacked by one of those extremely unpleasant migraine-like headaches I get once every few months, and am rapidly approaching blindness.

Ow, ow, ow. Okay, screw class. I'm dying. Dead people don't go to class, ow.

If my rotten sisters don't come to help me tonight, I will hunt them down. *significant look towards Maple Ridge* (I know you're reading this, lilymc. Faya's coming around five. Come with her? Please?)

EDIT: Attention, Universe: I have no chocolate.

Come on. You owe me for yesterday.

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