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*glares moodily at the Universe*

You think you're funny, don't you, Universe? Are you really *that* bored? I mean, all right, sending me into accelerating panic over my SFU acceptance letter not showing up in time. Right. Ha, ha. But then driving me to the extreme of wading through the SFU phone tree to finally get a human and ask "What the hell's going on?" and finding out that apparently, I was accepted on the 30th, but the letter's in transit?

Then I figure, all right, I've done the big thing, I've got my student number, I can go pay my fee, I can submit my loan apps.

Was there nothing on TV? What level of ennui must you currently occupy? For me to finish the apps, cursing Canada Post, get on the bus, go to the insurance place, and then answer my cell phone just as I walk in the door, and have my dad inform me, laughing, "Guess what just arrived in the mail."

Oh, yeah, Universe, that was *hysterical*.

I suppose this is some kind of life lesson. What - the SFU phone tree is stupid? Canada Post hates me? I knew these things. These are remedial lessons. Get a hobby, Universe. Go pester somebody else. I'm a writer, damnit. I can do things to you.



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