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The presentation, by the way? Unqualified disaster. Girl in group doing other part of summary called this morning all spazzy 'cause she hadn't finished and didn't know what she was supposed to be doing and oh my *gods* the lack of preparation, and then didn't even show up. As a result our summary started someplace in the middle. Professor Edwards said my part was "great", though, so I guess I should just be glad we're being marked individually.
To do, tomorrow:

Get up early, call Telus, move account.
Call SFU. Find out what the hell is going on. Possibly yell and berate.
Go out to New West, accost City Hall, set up Hydro, which is not exactly Hydro.
Come back to Coquitlam. Go to class.
Come back from class. Go to BCAA. Change insurance.
Come home, do some reading, outline paper for History.
Go through house. Figure out what I need to replace. Write this down.
Maybe sleep.

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