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I didn't fail anything! *dances*

I even got a 74 on PoliSci, the class I thought I'd fail!

And I passed english. Which is good, because it means I don't have to jump off of the class building. ;)

It's a happy day. I'm home, and I've got a 3.87 GPA. Life is good. And I went thrifting today... I got new jeans, and a bunch of sweaters, and one of those knee-length sweaters and it's grey and I paid five bucks for it. Gods but I missed Value Village. I got pyjamas too. I haven't had any since... well, a long long time. They're nice. They're plaid and blue and fuzzy. I like them.

I'm in a very squishy mood. I feel like watching White Christmas and singing along with Bing Crossby. Anyone want to join me? :)

We had Santa pictures today. Ki and Faya and Shauna argued over crappy music on the radio until I put on Barenaked Ladies and started to ignore them. They got really angry and started singing rap (how they managed that I don't know) to try and drown it out. But I won, so it's all right.

This Twenty-Four show is really weird. o.O

Anyway, airplanes. Yes. I hate airplanes. Actually, I think I hate airports - specifically, Pearson. I really hate Pearson. I like Toronto, but the airport is hell. Disa told me tonight that the Bangkok airport and the one in *Islamabad* are more organized than Pearson. That's sad. I think. ;) Anyway, airports... also, Air Canada. Bad. It is a *bad* airline and something needs to be done...

I spent Friday in Dartmouth with Carolyn's grandparents, and in the morning we took the ferry across Halifax Harbour into the city itself. Halifax is quite a lot like Vancouver - except there's less of it, and everything's more spread out - just like everything else in Nova Scotia. We went up onto Citadel Hill (which has a *lot* of bloody stairs...) and wandered around the Citadel for an hour. It was *really* windy and when we were walking along the top of the walls (which in hindsight I guess we're really not supposed to do... but it was fun! You can see all the way to the ocean. Preety...) we might've been blown off. My bandanna went flying off into the sunset, unfortunately. Very strong winds.

There was a mall. A real mall! I missed malls. Never thought I would. We took the bus to Sunnyside Mall (back in Dartmouth) to see Carolyn's friend Esther at her mum's hair salon. We went to Mic Mac Mall (there are a lot of malls in this story, aren't there?) where I had my first Tazoberry in five months - there are no Starbucks in Antigonish. Then Esther drove us back to Cole Harbour (where Carolyn's grandma and grandpa live) to get our stuff. We stayed at Esther's for the night - they have digital cable. I *did* miss digital cable. They also have a cat named Simone, who is completely insane... but in an amusing cat-like way. We kept throwing a bath-puffy across the room... I never saw a cat *fetch* before. Weird. She was less sweet the next morning when the new kitten came home and she discovered that she now had to *share* the house, and the humans.

Carolyn's grandpa drove me to the airport the next morning. They sell lobster in Halifax airport. Lobster! Weird. The security men broke the teeny-weeny nailfile off of my nail-clippers. I was *not* impresed... o.O

We were three hours late taking off out of Halifax because the plane out of Toronto was late getting in. As a result, the two-hour wait I was supposed to have in Pearson was instead fifteen minutes. I ran from the gate to the info desk (because the airline didn't *tell* me the gate number for Vancouver) and then to the next gate. As it turned out, I needn't have rushed, because they were, of course, late. Of course.

Then we were an hour late going out of Toronto. Hurrah.

Finally landed in Vancouver about five hours later. There was a very dramatic moment where we broke through the clouds and saw the city below us. Very pretty. It was raining when we landed... of course. :)

Now... business class. I flew business class because it was the last ticket we could get. Also, my dad maxed out his points getting me a seat. But... everyone gets their own little TV screen, and a list of movies to pick from for *yourself*! And there was a choice for dinner... *real food*! I had pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese... and it was *really* good. I had *good* airplane food. And there was leg room.

And damn, I don't get to fly home this way at the end of the year. Damn. >.<

But it was fun while it lasted. :)

Now... Bing Crosby... :) And flashy dance numbers. :D

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