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Trying to kill me for the rent money...

Five minutes ago:

Roommate: (appearing in doorway) Hey! You're little.
Me: Uh... yes?
Roommate: Come stick your head inside the oven.
Me: ...
Roommate: I've been cleaning it and I need you to see if I got it all.
Me: Just to clarify, this involves me sticking my *head* inside the *oven*?
Roommate: Oh, just--
Me: I seem to remember hearing this spiel before... I believe from a wicked old witch in a gingerbread cottage?
Roommate: Just come *on*! (turning on heel and heading for the kitchen)
Me: (getting up) Still, sticking my *head* inside the *oven*.
Roommate: Oh, I'm not trying to kill you. If I was going to kill you, I could come up with something much better than that.

EDIT, five minutes later:

Me: (typing/reading shoebox_project)
Roommate: *bounces into room*
Me: What?
Roommate: *bounce, bounce, jingle, jingle*
Me: *blink*
Roommate: *waves something in her hand which is apparently a bracelet she lost a month ago*
Me: So you found it, then.
Roommate: *face of glee* Yay!
Me: Yay!
Roommate: *bounces out again*

See? Housework causes insanity. *nods*

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