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This week's gripes had quite a range, didn't they?

We went for an aimless walk. They're filming something at our Zellers - they were still at it when we passed them several times at almost eleven - anyone know what? Signs read "T.P.P.".

So I should really be asleep by now, but I started watching Pride and Prejudice, and then mik100 went to bed and I stayed up 'til the end of the first disc, and then it was two AM, and now it's three, and I'm not sleepy. And I suppose I should write something, or finish the next part of the blundering monstrosity that is O, Brave New World (which has now been haunting me for almost *gasp* three years), but I actually opened it and stared at it for nearly an hour this afternoon and could not write a word, despite already knowing vaguely what I'm going to do with it, and it's doubly ironic since I only opened it yesterday (actually Wednesday night) to procrastinate because I'd opened chapter eleven of Peacemaker and had a similar experience (Don't kill me, lilymc, or you'll never see my new apartment: speaking of which, why don't you come with Mum when she comes with me tomorrow - technically today - to look at places?).

I have a seminar presentation (for which I really need to read the actual article) due Wednesday, more like Sunday because I have to co-ordinate with my extremely silly group members, and I have an annotated bibliography due Tuesday for a paper whose topic is supposed to compare two fictional works (one being Hard times) and the reflections they represent of the social effects of the industrial revolution. I have yet to pick a topic or a second work of fiction. I was trying for about ten minutes to figure out how to warp my Ring-geekiness to work in my favour, but I'm not sure I could get away with it, because LoTR was written quite a bit after the industrial revolution, despite being quite a lot *about* the industrial revolution, or... something.

*shuffles impatiently* I should just pick something... socialism. Pastoralism... gods, no: Wordsworth. Um... environmentalism? No, not really 'til the 1900s, and anyway I can't think of a book. Don't much want to do feminism, socialism's awfully broad...

*bangs head on desk* Damnit, if only nineteenth-century authors weren't so bloody long-winded. I respect Dickens, but he hurts my brain. My eyes, anyway.

Only one class tomorrow, as the profs of the other two are both at conventions. And every time they talk about their conventions I become more and more convinced that every single con in the world is a thinly-veiled excuse for the enthusiasts of various fields to congregate and get drunk. Case in point: drunken Scrabble. ;)

Computer guy is going to teach us Powerpoint tomorrow.

I know, I know. Powerpoint. I think even *he* knows. He's already admitted he's not even using the whole class. I shall be finished before I leave. Which is good, actually, I guess. I really should read that article before I go apartment-hunting. I can do the essay research at home... while I acquaint Mum with the Academic Search Elite and the other databases.

Oh! My mum's going back to school. :D Well, sort of. Open University, which is a correspondence course. And just the one course for Fall, 'cause she's going back to SFU for Winter semester. *beams* My mother got through a whole BA minus three (two?) science credits. And the Ministry's on a big Employee Improvement kick right now so she wants to wring them dry while she can.

But let me tell you, running six years of transcripts through the BC Transfer Guide was An Experience. I'm going to haul her up to see an advisor.

*If* stupid bloody godsdamned SFU ever finishes my application, anyway. *glares Westward*

Oh, look. The virusscan just came on. This is a sign for me to go the hell to bed.

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