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About I, Robot...

Okay. I'm reserving final judgement 'til I actually *see* the movie, but just the previews for I, Robot have me ready to weep for the utter bastardization of the book. Poor, poor Asimov must be twitching in his grave. I mean, maybe they're just really, really bad previews: but they do not give the impression that Alex Proyas has even *heard* of the Three Laws, despite all those terribly clever "Three Laws Safe" ads at Silver City.

I'm a little fuzzy on the Asimov universe timeline, anyway. My brain keeps going to Elijah Baley and the generally agoraphobic state of his humanity. I don't remember when the various bits of I, Robot took place. 'Course, it's been about ten years since I *read* I, Robot, so maybe there really *is* a crazy robot army in there I just don't remember. (I remember The Norby Chronicles, though. And Bicentennial Man. ;) What I *do* remember from Asimov, though, is that no matter how obvious it seemed that a robot had done the Bad Thing, it always turned out they hadn't. Hmm. Never got through the Foundation series, either. Should do that once I finish my current McCaffrey trip.

But... legions of evil robots converging on Will Smith in a violent manner. Just... no. *headshake*

I am reserving judgement.



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