Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
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Something new.

I have nothing to do.

He spent all of ten minutes talking about Powerpoint, and now he's done, and I've got nothing to do: assuming I counted having someone explain Powerpoint as something. (I mean, it's Powerpoint. Don't they teach that in elementary schools now?)

Also, the wheel on this wheelmouse is stuck. *glares*

I'd fiddle with LJ some more, but it's still being all PMSy and I don't think I want to risk more than it takes to post this. At least I brought a book. I think. *worried look in direction of backpack* I hope.

Um... yeah. Bored. Don't even have an assignment. Don't have to study for anything. Uh. Fine. Going down to CLS to see about that five-dollar Office XP rumour. *goes*

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