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I think my brain is melting...

...somebody shoot me, please?

I forgot to include the bibliography with my English-paper-from-Hell - the class with the prof who doesn't even show up, and I think is only a prof because he's got poetry published. This does not, let us understand, make him a *good* prof, or even a real prof at all, or even an unusually intelligent man. He is, in fact, an arrogant, lazy, annoying man who doesn't show up for half the classes, because he's always off lecturing in Eastern Europe somewhere, on the University's charge card, and then comes back and whips out some crap-ass assignment that he couldn't have spent more than five minutes putting together.

The assignments worth all the big marks are the ambiguous ones that are at best half-comprehensible, with no visible or vaguely structured marking system, and no clear directions of any kind. I think he just gives us stuff like this so that he can claim we did it wrong without really reading over it. Because even *he* doesn't know what he wanted us to do.

The really infuriating thing is that if he wasn't my prof, I'd probably like him. He's interesting and everything, as a *human being*... but he's a *horrible* prof. As things stand...

Either he goes, or I do... really. >.<

So he didn't even mark it - and he wants me to give him the bibliography tomorrow... I suppose I should be grateful for him giving me the extra time... but I'm not. It was a stupid, badly-planned-out assignment, and that man has no business teaching freshman students. It's not fair to impose someone who only maybe, vaguely knows what he's doing on a bunch of people who *certainly* don't know what they're doing. Especially when he's so damned enthusiastic about doing whatever the hell he's doing instead of teaching. Just another proof that this University doesn't know its collective ass from its collective elbow.


Sorry. Just needed to get that out of my system. Now I'm going to go curl up in the fetal position and wonder why the world no longer makes sense... me, failing an English course. Imagine that. I think I may cry. Or at least hit something and scream a lot.

Could someone please tell me, though, whether it's at all possible to fail one course but still pass if I've got nineties in two out of five courses, get sixty-something in another, eighties in another?



My brain is melting... time for me to lapse into unconsciousness now.

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