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Attention: Canadian LJers.


As of right now, you have this long to vote:

BC/Yukon: eight hours, forty minutes

Alberta/Saskatchewan/some of NWT: seven hours, forty minutes

Manitoba/the rest of NWT/some of Nunavut: six hours, forty minutes

Ontario/Quebec/New Brunswick/the rest of Nunavut: five hours, forty minutes

Nova Scotia/PEI: four hours, forty minutes (Go! Go! Go!)

Newfoundland: four hours, ten minutes, because Newfoundland has one extra weird half-hour.

My advice: Get off your ass, walk the four blocks to the polling station, and vote. It makes you look much less stupid when you complain about the government later. (Not *un*stupid, but *less* stupid than you might otherwise appear.)

Also, if you do not vote, I will hunt you down.

Thank you. (This has been a public service announcement.)


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