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I got to school early enough today to catch about fifteen minutes of the All Candidates Forum thing: where the local riding candidates come and talk about themselves, their parties, and answer questions.

First off, I feel I must applaud the bravery of the men (and woman) actually brave enough to come and expose themselves ideologically to college students. *applaud*

Second: we have a Communist Party candidate? For some reason I found this funny. Moreso because the guy seemed in imminent danger of cardiac arrest, or maybe melting, or turning into water, a la Movieverse Senator Kelly. (I don't find heart attacks funny. Really. You just imagine communists, generally, as younger and... I dunno. Healthy.)

They talked for almost ten minutes about the leaky condos. Unsurprisingly, the Conservative guy blamed the builders, the Liberal guy blamed the city, and the Green guy blamed the province.

(I'm with the Green guy. The whole washing-of-hands involved in the leaky condos - in one of which I *live* - was right in the line of the "Hey, look, we're going to compensate for our upper-bracket industrial tax cuts by ripping the money we STILL NEED out of completely randomly-selected social programs" stage of the Beast's early reign. Which explains why they went after welfare but only the handicapped clients. o.O)

I felt a little bad for the Conservative guy. He looked like he was about to cry. And the MC (our Student Union president) kept having to interrupt reamings-out by students to go on to the next question.

Okay, no, I lie. I didn't feel bad. ;)

Okay... cold, and can't figure out this stupid assignment. Going home now.

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