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I figured it out.

Talking to groundskeeper on MSN:

Chandri: Speaking of LJ, what the *hell* is wrong with LJ today?
Chandri: *kicks*
RainKing: It's posessed by evil conservative parties.
Chandri: Yes!
Chandri: ...
Chandri: Oh my gods. It is so frightening that that actually makes sense.
Chandri: I mean, think about it. What kind of people make up the majority of LJers?
Chandri: Programmers. Artists. Poets. Writers. Fanficcers.
Chandri: In other words, DIRTY COMMIES!
Chandri: o.O
RainKing: *holds hand*
RainKing: I'm scared.
Chandri: Me, too.
Chandri: *huddles*

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