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*washes hands repeatedly*

Remember the idiot woman (previous tenant) who hadn't gotten 'round to changing her forwarding address?

Well, she *still* hasn't. It's been nearly a year, and she's still having her mail sent *here*.


Usually, it's just pathetic: all sorts of stuff shows up here. Personal letters, credit card bills, house tax forms, one time a member mailing from a pro-life group: last time it was her friggin' Voter's Card. That appalled me pretty deeply.

But this? This is really the last straw. Today I got home from school and found two copies (two!) of a member mailing from the Conservative Party.

And now all the other mail is soiled, and won't look me in the eye. I got what should have been my credit card, but instead was just an offer for a loan (no, I'm already in enough legitimate debt, thanksmuch). I think it converted when it realized the company it was inadvertently keeping.

Uck. >.

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