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Every time I see Liberal campaign commercials, I laugh. I laugh because they seem to fail, one and all, to actually promote/convince anyone to vote for the Liberal party.

I think their rationale must run along the lines of thinking that the Conservatives are their only real competition, and that if they scare them off, they'll have the election in the bag. Except... they've got actually a *couple* of actual opponents. So... it's probably going to backfire horribly in their faces (*knocks on wood* Oh, wait. That's particle board. *goes looking for wood, finds none in room, goes out into living room, knocks on coffee table, returns*).

But then I think: "That's all right. They *are* succeeding in making the Republicans Conservatives look really, really bad. And when it comes right down to it, that's all that counts."

Also occasionally mocking Mulrooney. But that's just a side-benefit.

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