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Mary Sues with my name: surprisingly few, considering that my real name is actually Quenya. I didn't even think of that until I clicked "search", and then I tried to stop it. *headshake* Too late. What's here makes up in quality what it lacks in quantity. Not in a good way.

Arien Sues (none for Chandri, though):

Rachel and Arien's Adventures in Middle Earth by GirlyGirlyPirate
Two girls, Arien and Rachel, fall down a manhole and into Middle Earth, they meet up with the fellowship and do some wacky things and a good deal of their trip with the entire Fellowship is spent High from smoking pipeweed. but just what kind of pipeweed

(This one turns out to be a mis-spelling of "Ariel". Hrm.)

Remain by Juliet Faramirae
It is 200 years after the War of the Ring, and elves have faded into myth and legend. It is up to Arien, who has chosen to remain in Middle Earth to reunite the remaining elves and Men. She falls in love with an old friend, and other stuff happens. Rev

Authors with my name(s), however number 21 and 2, respectively. Their listed stories are roughly half Sues, divided fairly evenly between OhMyGodTheSue and Reallyreallyreallybad Slash.

Sigh, the internet.

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