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No more exams 'til Monday, tra la la... ;)

Read the topic. :)

Anyway, I actually updated (what's left of) Crystal Shades. Sort of. I put up So Weird fic. And whined (a lot) and bitched (almost as much as I whined) on the mainpage about how much Redrival is messing with my mind. If you go, I bet you'll meet their latest "gift" - it makes a cheerful (read: inane) little chiming noise every time you load *any* page. I swear, it's enough to drive a person batty...

I am (really!) going to do a complete site-overhaul over Christmas. This, unfortunately, requires me putting everything on floppies... but ah well. I have a week, at least, of nothing but me-time. Which is good. Which means I can be *sigh* productive. I also must read King Lear.

For some reason my last post doubled itself. Huh.

It's snowing again. Hoorah. See me dance. >.< It's also windy enough to sound like the building's coming down. And things keep hitting the window and making it rattle. No more exams 'til Monday though, and after that only one on Thursday, and I'm done. Both are the easy ones that really *should* have been first, so I could study for the other three - the ones I *needed* to study for. English and CeltCiv, on the other hand, I can fail and still pass. Yay averages. I got 80% on my CeltCiv paper, by the way. I'm having a relatively good day.

(Random tangent: They made a live-action TV series of The Tick?! Wow. Weird. Astonishing. Cool, but not quite the same - and they changed char names...)

I hope I passed PoliSci... but I've resolved not to worry about it 'til after Christmas. :D

Shot of hope for the review thingy; I got a bit today that said, and I quote: "This is the best fic ever."

Let THAT pat your ego for a while. ;)

I know; it's probably a tweenie somewhere, but still... :D

Shit. Is that the time?

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