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I had a test in my European history class today: mostly about Napoleon and the French Revolution. I've done approximately none of the reading (maybe a tenth of it, and some rushed perusing of websites on Napoleon and things). There was an essay last week on which I spent probably less than an hour. I've missed about a third of the classes and I've been generally unattentive in class when I do go: in most of my classes, actually. The point is, I've been paying essentially no attention so far this semester, and yet somehow I get a) the highest mark in the class on the essay, and b) I think pretty good on the test, the two or three completely foreign references notwithstanding. I know I kicked the ass of the essay.

It's puzzling. Well. The test is puzzling. I should have been more lost. I think he made it easy on purpose. But the essay I ought to have bombed. Or at least done mediocre. Not an A. That's just... stupid. Shouldn't I be suffering for my lack of attention and commitment, or something? Makes me worry about the system, it does.

That said, I'm *glad* I'm not failing or anything. But, still. o.O

Man... I'm gonna get back to University and be *so* thrown off. It would be worse in the long run, I guess, if I were actually imagining any of this to be comparable. :P

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