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Someone left a comment on one of my XF stories on
(Ye gods, why did I *ever* post to *muttermutter*)
Never been overly fond of the comment function on that site. Less so now.
It was a nasty comment. Un-constructive criticism. Simply whinging and whining about the story's quality. (Hey, I didn't *say* it was good, did I? It was a trademark written-when-I-was-fourteen fangirly fic. That was in the DISCLAIMER, for crying out loud.)
Yes, yes, I know, everyone has a right to their opinion. It probably did suck.
But it's a bit cowardly to go ranting off about how much my writing sucks and then not even leave an email address or any contact info at all. zzasleep, indeed...
I hate anonymous feedback... *grumblemutter*

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