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Saw it!

Three words:

"Old married couple."

lisew and I agree maybe somebody left that in on purpose. ;)

I have few complaints - mostly as I didn't go in expecting much. Though I hated the wolf. Hated it. Didn't look at all wolf-like. Seth Green in a furry suit was a more realistic werewolf. I think maybe they used up all their CG energy on the Dementors and Buckbeack and got to the wolf and went "Hell with it. The fangirls'll just be watching 'em fight and making Shack jokes, anyway."

And oh, my gods, the Dementors. I thought they would have been scarier on the ground, but they managed. Bane-sidhe-like. Yeee. And I maybemighthavealittle closed my eyes when the Dementor pulled back his hood. I haven't closed my eyes in a movie since... um... I think it might have been IT. I was thirteen. (No, wait, it was Sleepwalkers. I was nine. It was Stephen King, anyway.) In short: Dementors? *shudder*

Also: I want a Hippogriff. Think they'll let me have one if I keep it on the balcony?

I was worried Daniel Radcliffe might not grow into his role? Am I ever glad to be wrong. He was angsty and bitchy and actively a whiny, stupid teenager. Yay! And he cried! And Ron looked embarassed-yet-sympathetic! It was wondrous! (And mik100, sitting next to me, kept having pedophilic conniptions throughout. At least I think it was over Rupert Grint. It might have been the twins. ;) And Hermione getting all grubby and running things and yay! The stomping out of Divinations wasn't quite snarky enough - but that was probably to do with the overall rushed quality to the movie, which itself was probably due to them desperately cutting to get it in under time. (The entire year apparently passed in less than three days. It was a bit odd.)

Rushed-wise, it was about bits missing. Anybody who hadn't read the books would have been lost. Wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly so much, anyway. "You have your mother's eyes!" and "I expect you're sick of hearing it, but you have your--" "--my mother's eyes." *squee* And... and... the Remus and Harry dialogue! *love* Absolutely my favourite bits. And then the "beast" jokes in the Shack which I can't quote because I can't quite remember them - the hug was positively Long Lost. *snicker* "Old married couple." *double snicker*

I could have done with some more direct Marauders references (at least one!), like for instance just explaining "Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs": a pure moviegoer cannot possibly have understood why the Patronus looking like a stag explained why Harry would think he'd seen James. Ah, well. Maybe they'll pick it up next film. I'm pretty much placated for all the rushed-ness and the cuts (and the fact that Cho apparently did not exist, but I never liked her anyway) and things by all the Remus and Harry and Sirius and Harry and Remus and Sirius and Remus and Sirius talking about James and in general, just the entire scene in the Shrieking Shack. Sirius and "how dare you talk about James in front of him". Ooh. *shudder*

In short: it was fantastic, providing you've read the book a few times and can fill in the gaps. I want to see it again. I want to see it again now. But I probably won't see it again 'til Sunday, as one or both of my parents will probably want to go.

But I still say the wolf was terrible. :P

True love In A Shack. Damnit, now I need an icon. ^.^

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