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Good: Today is Azkaban Day.

Bad: I have to sit through a billion million hours of classes before then. Curses. >.<

(Okay, more like... eight. But still. :()

Also, have lab test. Probably maybe think I remember about half of the rocks by sight. Don't know if we get to use the ID charts. Hope so, or am screwed.

Also can't remember how to determine charge of an element with more than 36 electrons. High school chemistry was a loooong time ago, and I've lost the sheet that tells us how to do it...

...ah, well. Here's hoping the test's mostly identifying rocks and remembering mineral compounds. I've got that down, anyway. o.O

It's really that I haven't been paying attention, that's all. It's not actually *hard*. My attention span seems lax this summer. I guess not shockingly. Sigh.

I want it to be 10:20 now, or at least 8:30, 'cause then I'd be meeting Nadja and Dan at Lougheed and we'd be leaving in half an hour.

I'm sorely tempted just to say to hell with studying any more, and just surf for the next hour (or I could actually do the computer assignment, but that seems silly). But I probably should actually study. I'm still a bit fuzzy on some of it...

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