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Scarf almost finished.

Watching A&E documentary on Harry Potter, bwahah. Well, it's comforting to know that if Daniel Radcliffe doesn't become a more energetic actor (my big problem with him in the last movie was how he just seemed to be reacting to people, rather than *acting*, himself, but that's not really the problem in the first two books that it might be in the third), then at least he's as geeky a fan as the rest of us. I can respect that.

Damnit, why isn't tomorrow Friday? >.<


Oh my gods.

There are Manx coins with Harry Potter on them. Like, legal tender. I did not know that.

That is so cool.

I wanna live on the Isle of Man. Just for a few minutes. O.O

Bought chocolate, and skirt. Feel a little guilty about the skirt. Felt more guilty before got to cash register and found out it was on sale for slightly more than half of what it was marked. Yay. ^.^

Friday, Friday, la la la...

I wanna get published.

Probably have to finish a book first.

Ooh. Sneak peeks. Must go. :D

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