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Reason number nine thousand and forty-seven why my dad is the biggest geek in the world Ever:

My dad.

Now owns.


No, really. Full-size, molded, balanced, movie-merchandised but accurate (and heavy) right-down-to-the-false-edge replica. With the runes on the blade that read "I am Anduril, who was Narsil."

He carried it around all day today, and then handed me Glamdring, which his friend Rob bought but left at our house.

Came with a pretty hanger-plaque-thingy painted with the Tree in gold. Mum thinks he should hang it in the living room, because to hang it in his dusty dank office would be disrespectful. Dad accuses her of plotting to swipe it and flee.

My dad's a dork.

Shut up. I'm not jealous.

Because Anduril is too long for my reach. I'd need Sting.

I lost my keys today. At least I think I did. I'm really hoping I didn't lose them when Disa and I were out. o.O That would suck. House keys I can replace, but the last key to my bike lock was on there.

Not that I've used my bike in about a year, but it's the principle of the thing. >.<

Bought books, though.

And damn, but I'm behind in reading for school. Guess I should get to that.

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