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So, I'm sitting here waiting for my futon to be delivered (newbednewbedthatdoesn'tfallaparteverytimeanyonetouchesityay!). They're supposed to call me first. In fact I don't know if they're delivering it or if they're just calling me when it gets to them so I can ask my dad to fetch it and bring it here. This is supposedly supposed to happen between ten and two. It is ten-thirty. The guy said I'd get a call by ten. Hmm.

I'm starting to wonder if they've taken my futon and made off to Mexico, or something. Or a non-NAFTA country. What... Ecuador? Ecuadorian rebels have made off with my bed. *pout*

EDIT: It is now one PM. I have to leave for class in half an hour. No word. No answer. And Mum's unreachable. >.

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