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There's this point every Wednesday/Friday morning in my stupid and pointless (except for credit) computer class where he tells us to switch off the monitors (did I mention this was a computer class?), ostensibly so we're forced to pay attention instead of mucking about in the browser.

Setting aside the fact that a fair number of my classmates couldn't open the browser without handholding and directions, may I say: hah. Shows what you know. I'm writing LJ posts by hand, so great is my determination to ignore you, computer man.

The entirety of my first three weeks of Geology seem, so far, to be Brett relishing the wonder of rocks. It runs: Rocks are fun. Rocks are exciting. Learn the rocks, and how to distinguish them from one another. But do not taste the rocks. Tasting of the rocks for the purpose of identification is to be used only as a last resort, and really only worth it on a final, especially as the only mineral that can be reliably identified by taste is halite, and duh, salt. Also that one that tastes like batteries, and for that to work you need to know what batteries taste like, and if you do, please don't tell me why.

Brett amuses me.

Have my Dexcon tickets. Um... was fantasizing about breakfast wraps all day. Flour tortilla, cheesy scrambled eggs, hash browns, grated cheddar. Yum. I came home and made one and looked at it and said: "Mmm, breakfast burrito, I've been daydreaming about you all day. *munchmunch*" Yummy.

I've been watching Stargate semi-regularly for a few months now, and I have reached one conclusion: The Tokra (s/p?) are awfully stupid for an incredibly advanced alien species. At least careless. Jerks. Well-meaning jerks, but jerks.

I think I have reading to do. And, ooh! My futon comes tomorrow. *dances*

I have but two eps of Firefly left. *pout* And I've seen them both before. *double pout*

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