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Apparently we're in for a federal tax hike. People are bitching 'cause we'll be left with a $2.2 billion deficit that will take four years to eliminate.

Oh, boo hoo. Four whole years? It should be noted that most of that's going into healthcare. And isn't that what we've all been bitching about for the past two years?

In other news, Air Canada is slipping further and further into hell. (Which reminds me: I have to confirm my tickets tomorrow.)

Oh. We're apparently supposed to feel sorry for Harper. Hey, dumbass? They're quoting you. They're apparently "attack ads". I don't know that you can really unrealistically villify the Evil Psychotic Religious Zealot. Also, I've heard most of these in their original context. This one instance where taking the quote out of context actually makes the guy seem *less* like a stupid fuckhead.

So where's that election call? I'm ready. *rubs hands together*

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