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My Xavier English came through! I went to the advisor-lady today and all is in order. Need now only pass current courses, and I'm done at and transferrable from Dougie. Only one problem: AP still isn't in. Haven't heard from the credit lady, who said she'd call me by the third or fourth whether it showed up or not. It seems not to have done. Grr. That's the third failure by the AP board. How complex could this possibly be? Print it, address it, mail it. Really.

That AP is the only obstacle left to low-level grad makes it even more irritating. It's literally the only thing I still need.

Also to finish applying to SFU (which for Fall 2004 is estimating $142.30 per credit o.O). Xavier and CDIS transcripts are there, at least the website's no longer reminding me they're not. Still need Dougie current and final transcripts. But that's their stupid paper processes, not mine.

*sigh* Reading. I'm going.

PS: I need to beat those Airmiles out of Dad, so that I can buy my Dexcon tickets, so that I don't spend the money on something else. Also need to build me a term deposit (which apparently I can now do from the website o.O), which is another way of making sure I don't spend it, or my Oregon money, on something else.

And after that, I can safely set aside rent/utilities/insurance for the next four months, and see what's left to play with. I may just be tempted (yeah, like I *need* to be tempted) into buying the complete Babylon 5 DVD set (pauses to drool over Amazon). It would be harder to resist if it included the movies, but I think I'm still sufficiently tempted that if I do happen to find myself with $400-something dollars in a month that have no other destiny, I will end up buying it. I mean. All five seasons of B5. Like I ever had a chance. ;)

PPS: My tax refund came. Whee. :)

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