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...to hell with dress codes and all other idiotic half-ass measures for attempting to force "decency" on the population. Either introduce a compulsory uniform or leave them the hell alone and let them go nude, if they want to. Anything else is a blatantly stupid attempt to "subtly" moralize dress. Which is stupid. *headshake*

And this part: ...Opelousas Police Chief Larry Callier said the baggy pants are being used by some sexual deviants to expose themselves to women and girls.

Hey... fellas? "Deviants" will find a way. All this law would do would slow them down the two-point-four seconds it would take to unbuckle and unzip.

I mean, yeah, I think the look-my-pants-are-around-my-knees-ain't-my-undies-stylin' look is pretty stupid, too, but more because every time I see it I think "hey, uh, your pants are falling down, moron". General silliness rather than moral outrage. *snicker* And I can always... hey! Not Look.

Morons. *scorn*

Also, the stupidity of anti-tax lobbyists. I saw somebody else's spampost of an article about anti-tax lobbyists. (Ah, yes. Was nostalgia_lj.) Just... am I the only person who remembers being five and having it explained to me that taxes are what runs a country, and that the less taxes you have, the shittier will be your social everything? I guess that for "market-based" (the mockery because apparently "capitalist" is now a dirty word) economies who Fear the Government controlling everything that taxes must seem Terribly Unfair. Fucking idiots. Then again these are the same people who think they can run everything privatized, themselves. Oh, yeah. Look what privatization's done for us. *more scorn* I understand it. It's their heritage - they revolted 'cause they thought they could do better than the several-hundred-year-old efficient monarchy. Because they were New and Different and Innovative and therefore could do better. Never ocurred to them that they'd be dead soon and even if they did manage to do anything right it wouldn't stick, 'cause with no rules written down no policies hold. Also they're nine-in-ten evil selfish fuckwads who wouldn't give a damn about healthcare if their grandmother was being eaten alive by Cardassian voles.

Mum's right. The Naboo system is better. I conceded this to her 'cause it was Mother's Day, but it's still true.

Also the fact that in this "democracy" any idiot can end up In Charge, regardless of background, ability, or commitment. But I guess that applies to every single facet of the system. Any idiot can vote, therefore any idiot can be President. *headshake*

Well, it's vaguely comforting that at least if we're going to hell, we're all going to hell together, and consistently. But really, let's think: I've been a conspiracy theorist since I was ten, for crying out loud. I believe in aliens and Roswell and that wearing aluminum foil on your head protects you from mind-control sattellites (Well, maybe not that last one. It would probably have to be something more substantial than aluminum foil.). If *I'm* saying your paranoia is stupid, there may be something to it.

Then again, that's assuming an intelligent government that isn't evil and corrupt and defunct and actually *works*. Apparently that's my major flaw. Expecting people to be rational aka: Not Complete Morons. Yes. I guess that does explain it. >.


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May. 10th, 2004 07:01 am (UTC)
Then again, that's assuming an intelligent government that isn't evil and corrupt and defunct and actually *works*.

That would assume a populace that isn't evil and corrupt and defunct and actually *works*.

While I agree that taxes are necessary, you've got a massively skewed view on the purpose behind the American Revolution. And the assumption of "nine in ten evil selfish fuckwads" pretty much shows that, if you mean it seriously, you've got as much knowledge of American politics as Britney Spears does of quantum physics.

Yes, there are stupid laws out there. Yes, the current administration's doing a piss-poor job at presenting the US to the world. But you know what? The rest of the world's doing just fine. In either 8 months or 56 months there'll be a new administration, and things can get back on track. Crappy governments come and go, and only the ignorant pessimists think the world's going to hell. Since that would require, you know, believing in hell.
May. 10th, 2004 12:17 pm (UTC)
That would assume a populace that isn't evil and corrupt and defunct and actually *works*.

Which I'm pretty sure is the main problem with most current "democracies".

In either 8 months or 56 months there'll be a new administration, and things can get back on track.

On the whole I think you have a hell of a lot more faith in the system than I do. ;)
May. 10th, 2004 12:26 pm (UTC)

Which I'm pretty sure is the main problem with most current "democracies".

It's the problem EVERYWHERE. It's human nature to desire the most gain with the least effort.

I have faith in the system because it's the only thing worth having faith in. What would you suggest, the people? A great deal of the people can't be trusted to tie their own shoes without causing a major incident. I have faith in the system because it works. It isn't perfect, but no form of government is. But even a bad form of government is preferable to anarchy, which is the alternative.

People like to say "Let folks govern themselves". Fella by the name of Mohammed Farah Adid took reeeeal good advantage of that philosophy a few years back.

Bad actions do not a bad system make. Yeah, the American government could stand to do a lot better. My personal leanings go towards more federalization, and less privatization when it comes to things like utilities, health care, and education. There are countries that make voting mandatory, and while I'd encourage that here, it'd be dangerous without education coming first. Otherwise you get joke elections like the CA governor's recall.

Think of it as a computer program. It doesn't need a change of operating system. It just needs the occasional patch now and then.

May. 10th, 2004 01:10 pm (UTC)
I think that for the most part we're agreeing, but coming at it from entirely different perspectives. Certainly about people being incompetent and stupid. I certainly agree with you about federalization (or nationalization, or provincialization, depending on case - then again I fantasize about a world government).

It's good that you have faith in the system. I'm not being patronizing. I mean it. If nobody has faith in the system - that's one of the first things to makes a system useless. If everyone had faith in the system the system might actually work; at least it would be a good first step.

But the thing that I can't forget is that the system is made up of people. The system is an artificial human creation. One can't believe in the system and forget that the system is dependent on human action and intent. My imaginary system of government, with mandatory voting, also has a voter's qualification test. People would squawk about it, now, I guess, because we have a massive, ridiculous sense of entitlement. We think we should get a say, even if we don't know what the hell we're talking about. My solution is to make sure everybody knows what they're talking about.

The computer program analogy is an interesting one - but I suggest that a government *is* the OS of a society. There are a lot of things wrong with modern "democratic" society in general that are so fundamental I don't think they could be changed without changing everything. I suppose bad government is better than none, but the first alternative that springs to my mind is *good* government. Subjective, I know, but attainable, too, I think. I think (I hope) that people are idiots only for lack of trying. Maybe the system doesn't need an entirely *new* OS, but an upgrade sure as hell couldn't hurt.
May. 10th, 2004 01:14 pm (UTC)
Wow, it's like Heinlein arguing with Franklin. (Robert and Ben, respectively). I don't think government is by nature an artificial creation. I think the nature of a society is to organize in groups, and all groups need leadership and thus, government.

I agree that there do need to be changes, but they have to be made from the bottom up. Give the people a foundation through education. Then they'll have the ability to recognize the need for change and work for the common good. Brighter tomorrow through a more enlightened today, and all that hoopla.

May. 10th, 2004 04:02 pm (UTC)
Aren't things allowed to be artificial and natural?
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