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I've said it before, and I'll say it again (spotted on Gerg's journal)... hell with dress codes and all other idiotic half-ass measures for attempting to force "decency" on the population. Either introduce a compulsory uniform or leave them the hell alone and let them go nude, if they want to. Anything else is a blatantly stupid attempt to "subtly" moralize dress. Which is stupid. *headshake*

And this part: ...Opelousas Police Chief Larry Callier said the baggy pants are being used by some sexual deviants to expose themselves to women and girls.

Hey... fellas? "Deviants" will find a way. All this law would do would slow them down the two-point-four seconds it would take to unbuckle and unzip.

I mean, yeah, I think the look-my-pants-are-around-my-knees-ain't-my-undies-stylin' look is pretty stupid, too, but more because every time I see it I think "hey, uh, your pants are falling down, moron". General silliness rather than moral outrage. *snicker* And I can always... hey! Not Look.

Morons. *scorn*

Also, the stupidity of anti-tax lobbyists. I saw somebody else's spampost of an article about anti-tax lobbyists. (Ah, yes. Was nostalgia_lj.) Just... am I the only person who remembers being five and having it explained to me that taxes are what runs a country, and that the less taxes you have, the shittier will be your social everything? I guess that for "market-based" (the mockery because apparently "capitalist" is now a dirty word) economies who Fear the Government controlling everything that taxes must seem Terribly Unfair. Fucking idiots. Then again these are the same people who think they can run everything privatized, themselves. Oh, yeah. Look what privatization's done for us. *more scorn* I understand it. It's their heritage - they revolted 'cause they thought they could do better than the several-hundred-year-old efficient monarchy. Because they were New and Different and Innovative and therefore could do better. Never ocurred to them that they'd be dead soon and even if they did manage to do anything right it wouldn't stick, 'cause with no rules written down no policies hold. Also they're nine-in-ten evil selfish fuckwads who wouldn't give a damn about healthcare if their grandmother was being eaten alive by Cardassian voles.

Mum's right. The Naboo system is better. I conceded this to her 'cause it was Mother's Day, but it's still true.

Also the fact that in this "democracy" any idiot can end up In Charge, regardless of background, ability, or commitment. But I guess that applies to every single facet of the system. Any idiot can vote, therefore any idiot can be President. *headshake*

Well, it's vaguely comforting that at least if we're going to hell, we're all going to hell together, and consistently. But really, let's think: I've been a conspiracy theorist since I was ten, for crying out loud. I believe in aliens and Roswell and that wearing aluminum foil on your head protects you from mind-control sattellites (Well, maybe not that last one. It would probably have to be something more substantial than aluminum foil.). If *I'm* saying your paranoia is stupid, there may be something to it.

Then again, that's assuming an intelligent government that isn't evil and corrupt and defunct and actually *works*. Apparently that's my major flaw. Expecting people to be rational aka: Not Complete Morons. Yes. I guess that does explain it. >.

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