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Said Wednesday sucked. Also, Friday.

I am sleepy and goosebumpy - not because it is actually cold out, but because the college AC system is on some kind of crazy air conditioner crack. It's like... ten degrees in here, or something. *shiver*

I'm ignoring the prof. Am in computers. Is a joke. Big, big joke. On the upside, means I can ignore him safely and write while in class. On the downside, he makes us turn off monitors, so have to write by hand. Ah, well. Am writing Arrah-talking-to-her-dad-about-war scenes. The conversation she repeats to Reecie twenty-or-something years later. (Is the "If you're going to be a barbarian, be an honest one" conversation. I'm enjoying it.) I find it amusing that Dr. MacPine likes going the long circuitous route in conversation. When Arrah repeats it for her daughter's benefit, it's, like, one-third as long. I think Peter just likes to hear himself speak. But in a good, means-really-well-really, selfless self-actualized sort of way. He wouldn't be getting his own book later on if he wasn't cool. But he is. So he is.

No Geology lab today. Suits, as am still sleepy and want to go home and if not nap then lie around like a lump and watch TV for a couple of hours.

Huh. Wrote five pages in first half of class. This pen does slow me down. Hmm.

Then take bus to New West for Interesting History Class. Didn't have Boring History Class yesterday - he's in DC or somesuch. I should be annoyed at wasted moneys, perhaps, but I think I'm too sleepy to care. No... definitely.

Huh. I can see the lake from here. Well. Strictly speaking, LaFarge Lake isn't a real lake. It's a quarry they filled with water and then filled with fish and things. Still, pretty, in a way. Certainly a much nicer view than the Scar on the Mountain on the other side.

He's starting up again. Must be going. I've plots to plot on paper while he talks about something completely unrelated. Gods I'm glad I'm computer literate.

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