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I'm sitting in the New West campus library killing time 'til it's time to meet dianahobart. I forgot her present, but as I'm dragging her home with me it doesn't matter. Have had all my classes now - computers looks mind-numbingly boring but I-can-sleep-through-this easy. Do have to buy the text, though. Damnit. Prof mispronounces "peripheral". Not a big deal, I know, I know, but it makes me twitch every time he does it. Seems cool, though. European history class looks much less boring than the one I had with him last semester. Geology seems to be the choice class for raising one's GPA. First Nations-Settler Relations looks really interesting, with only one essay at only 2,000 words. That makes only two real papers this semester. Yay! Doesn't look like haring off across the continent for Dexcon is going to screw me over too badly, all told. I've only got one exam-like-thing-that-I-can't-miss that week and Brett said I could do it beforehand. He said he very rarely actively discourages Toronto in any way.

Still missing *counts* five books, three of which are the Big Stupid Heinously Expensive Package for computers which I will probably not even read, grr. Will probably have them next week.

Going webcomic trawling, now. And tonight I will do at least some reading. I will. *nods*

I'm sleepy. Wednesday, indeed, sucks, regardless of content.

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