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So no strike, after all.

The HEU came to an agreement with the evilbastards late last night - so no more sympathy strikes, and everyone's back to work. I have to admit, I'm disappointed. I was hoping this would come to a massive province-wide sympathy strike and that everything would grind to a chaotic halt. Scare Campbell and his bitches shitless enough to do some seriously panicked restructuring and start passing bills that make sense.

Alas, they failed. The HEU accepted a 15% wage cut, but it's no longer to be collected retroactively (they were going to make employees cut a cheque for the extra from the last month), finagled a cap on out-contracting, which is good, 'cause out-contracting is evil fuckery, and took a big increase in severance packages, which means that they've been buggered utterly and are taking it lying down. They've taken a huge paycut, and the government can still lay off a great big chunk of them; it's just that they get a bit more cash when they get laid off.

And they're moving on to other unions. I give it a week - and unlike the feds, our provincial government is delaying an election rather than rushing one. (Which I really wish the latter would do, btw. I'm getting impatient and twitchy waiting for the scary zealot Harper axe to fall. Scary.)

What does it take to call a vote of no confidence, anyway? I guess it's difficult when there's no real competing party. Our Liberals are practically Republicans, and they've got all but two house seats - and it takes four to count as a party. Republicans eat babies. I'm putting that on a t-shirt.


Got most of my books. Missing a couple, one of which doesn't seem to exist, another of which I'm going to try and buy off dianahobart, who isn't home yet, it seems. Or is at school, more likely. My furniture's back where it belongs - I sealed everything with duct-tape. But I think that if it rains, the cieling will still leak. Grr.

Should really go negotiate my loans.

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