Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

They call this the "Marriage Affirmation Act". Some scary shit. o.O

The Virginia State Legislature just passed a law (bill?) that not only makes same-sex partnerships illegal, but discourages post-secondary education, and prohibits close personal friendships with anyone of the same sex who is not a blood relative.

Oh, good. And I was afraid things couldn't get any worse. Silly me. When are these idiots going to get their heads out of their ordained-by-God asses and realize you can't protect freedom by removing liberties? o.O

Speaking of being ripped off, I filed my taxes today.

No, I kid. I didn't owe them anything. In fact, they owe *me* 99.31! Huzzah! Did both parents' too, mostly. Mum just shuffled papers and read me numbers. I did all the button-pushing. I got two Tim Tams as my fee. :)

Victoria was nice. Hot, but nice. We went to Miniature World (where I haven't been since I was two), and the Wax Museum, where the eerily accurate Bush mannequin was staring at me. Seriously. We were like a foot away. I thought he was going to spring forth and devour my soul, or something. *shudder*

Also, got sunburnt. Not much. Had breakfast with Jenjen. Yay. Will boast to Nadja when I see her. Also, Nadja? Jen says she comes to visit soon. We must all sit and figure out Oregon costs.

And again of money: Still seem to have extra. It's still weird.

And don't yet have books. Hrm. Should have done, by now, but haven't. Will go on Monday. And also to New West. Yes.

Ugh. I already hate Wednesday, and I haven't even been there yet. :P

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