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*Trekkie rage*

Oh, gag. I hate you, Rick Berman, and all your evil Enterprise cronies. And Enterprise. And everyone who thought Nemesis was a good idea. I hate you all. Bastards. Why the *hell* would you think anyone with taste would want to see an Enterprise movie? Isn't the evil abomination of a series bad enough? With the blatant canon rape? *bangs head on desk*

I want DSN movie. Damnit. This is only okay if they make it an extremely much-further-back prequel movie, like the history a few hundred years preceding the Federation, 'cause I've always wanted to see how they went from Cold War Earth to Happy Socialist Federation Earth, and even that is extremely risky. But if they make an ENT movie I'm going to... something. Mean letters. Something. >.<

Coronet was fun yesterday, though. Mum and Ki went up before the King. Kim would've had to but she got a second headache and hightailed it very early. They're having a thing on the 21-23 weekened in May, though, that has horses. Ki's all excited to go. Anybody else up for it? Equestrian competitions. Whee. :)

Got sunburned again. Just a little, on my face and the back of my neck. Oh - and Ki haggled a scarf from the same lady who sold me mine. Heh. It was amusing. ;)

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