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Last exam over with...

...and all I can say is about bloody time. Now almost three weeks of nothing necessary, though must spend this week sewing costumes for the Coronet. Getting fabric tomorrow, as well as beginning Roommate's thrift-shopping training. She is woefully inexperienced. ;)

Watched QaF premiere, and what is it about the QaF producers and needing to end every episode with... wait, mustn't spoil. Shan't spoil. Shall... change subject.

To... uh... okay, I have nothing. But I do have things to do over break. Notably, Coronet, and re-recording many things, and finally getting those CDs out to people I promised would have them... uh... a year ago? Two? *facepalm* Also staring at the Dougie site 'til they post the Summer exam schedule so I can actually get my Dexcon tickets, which I can afford this year (sort of) because I am brilliant and the academic community decided to show me their appreciation with money. ;) Going to see if I can coerce Dad into using his Airmiles for some if it, as at least a third of what he's got is from my tuition (which I paid them back - don't make that face at me). Hmm. And also Oregon planning. And... yee. Can't wait 'til August. ^.^

All right. Going to do something constructive. I think. Maybe.

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