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What's funny about the crew of Voyager in general is how very... Asimov calls it "medievalist". Using idioms and expressions that most other 24th-century folks don't use. The Enterprise D crew doesn't talk like that, with the exception, possibly, of Picard, who does it as an affectation he admits as a fondness for history, the DSN population certainly doesn't, except when doing it in a sort of mocking manner, like Sisko's odd fascination with baseball. But the Voyager crew uses speech modes much closer to the twenty-first century than the twenty-fourth - and realistically, they should have had significantly more difficulty, say, communicating with Terrans that time they got tossed back to 1997 - 'cept Tom, who like Picard, has an unusual fascination for twentieth-century culture. Hmm. Interesting.

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