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Words Completed: 789/700 #1, 754/700 #2, 13/700 #3 (1556/2100)
Due: Tomorrow, 11:30 AM
Time Remaining to Last Useful Bus: 11 hours
Currently Hindering Progress With: Something on the CBC. Some of it in French. Which my brain is randomly translating into amusingly out-of-context dialogue because I'm intentionally ignoring the English dialogue. Heh. ;)

(Also, I don't know what it is about Quebecois sitcoms that the camera angles and the credit design have them coming off as so terribly, painfully eighties. Although to their credit their dialogue switches a lot more naturally between English and French - giving the impression that all the characters really know both languages (which we all should anyway, really, damnit). There need to be more Canadian sitcoms. Or not sitcoms. But obviously-Canadian shows. Where the Anglos speak French as naturally as these Quebecois actors seem to speak English. Sigh.)

All right. 544 words to go.

Might have helped if I'd actually read *both* the articles instead of just one... hmm. o.O

EDIT: Done the segment for the unread article upon reading only three pages out of twenty-three, hah. :)

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