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Being distracted by the news.

FOX News: "Look at all our dead soldiers. Civilian casualties don't count when they're not us and oh, there's no 'reliable number', anyway."
CBC: "The Americans are big fat liars. Look at all the dead civilians."

One word: hah.

Bush is wandering around Texas talking about how compassionate is the U.S. Army and People in general. Uh. Okay. He's not wearing a tie. This must be part of the Shrub's "I'm Just a Regular Joe Like You Moron Voters" campaign. Sigh. It's sad that it might work. I'm so scared. And ye gods imagine Harper *and* Bush at once. Seriously considering my UK For Grad School plan. Stupid evil fucker, anyway. Uck.

I should be essay-writing. Going, going. >.<

EDIT: Everybody's popping up with nuke research programs, these days. Canada's never going to be a consideration in this area - which is yay. But I think I know how we can contribute. Canada's contribution to the nuclear weapons controversy can be some scientist scoffed by other nations inventing some kind of something that neutralizes uranium. Or whatever-the-hell gets used in nukes these days. Like the Pulse in Dark Angel. Big anti-weapon weapon. Makes guns useless too. All sorts of war tech. Reduce everybody back to rocks and pointy sticks and *then* see how eager everybody is to go to war. Seriously. Technology's made already-stupid humanity *way* too damn complacent about war. Like meat. Kill your own animal, man. Then you earn the privilege of eating it.

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