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Things to make next week:

For the Coronet, I will be making:

Shirts/belts/pouches/pants for Ollie and Jeremy, the pants to be located at Value Village and snipped 'til they work.

Vanna chemise (not out of crinkle-cotton, just broadcloth) and tabard (yes, she really is that short), and Simon shirt/belt/pouch and possibly vest, the pants being his own problem, or Vanna's, or Mum's, 'cause they're the ones responsible for making sure he actually wears the damn costume.

And Mum will be making:

Her own gates-of-hell-overdress-thing, and shirt/vest/pants for Dad, the pants also probably to be found at Value Village and snipped 'til fitting.

And for a few events down the road I will be making: Chemise and vest for Ki, because she wants a new set of garb, and Maddy's dress, 'cause she doesn't have one at all. And eventually, another dress for myself, or rather overdress, or possibly tabard, 'cause I want something new to wear over my chemise.

The stuff for the Matthews shouldn't be tough. Just a lot of rectangles. Will have to go fabric shopping this week, some time.

Going to an SCA event as a (n extended) family (plus Maddy), la la la. My family is so cool. Except Faya. Who is a stupid boring smelly mundane. Nyah.

All right. Going home to outline exam essays, now.

EDIT: Nadja? Do you have that pattern - the one with the overdressy thing in the Mum picture here? Mum says she can almost certainly fake it, but would like a pattern, anyway. Do you have it? Or does Susan, still?

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