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Wonderfalls got cancelled.

And I was only just getting into it. Last episode Jaye was talking to Bar Guy and they had this conversation:

Jaye: Your (ex) wife called.

Bar Guy: ...oh?

Jaye: She asked me who I was and I said you were servicing me sexually. Was that wrong?

Bar Guy: ...

It is an awesomely funny show! And I don't even know Bar Guy's name yet! And now I never will! *pouts*

I am angry. Sort of. I mean, it's good I didn't get too into it, I guess, 'cause that would be worse.

Still. What is it with networks trying to destroy all possible vestiges of the JossVerse? There barely *was* a MinearVerse. *bitterness*

Anyway. Went to see RotK with lisew. I love that she's being converted. It pleases me. ^.^

Okay. Must go pull one-minute presentation out of ass, now. Then sleep.

P.S. For those keeping count, that puts me at six viewings. Bwahah. :)

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