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Argh, $%#@... *hitting inanimate objects*

Warning: much blowing off of steam.

Why do people yell at me for saying what I think?
Why do people think I have some weird obligation, to them especially, to pussyfoot around what I believe and not say it if I think it might mildly upset them?
DAMNIT. "You don't say things like that to your friends" is absolutely BS. I say what I think. I don't think keeping what I believe from my friends would really prove that they're my friends - more the opposite. You don't lie to your friends. You tell the truth.

For example, if someone I care about is acting like an ass, I'm going to SAY SO. Especially if the behaviour is likely to get them hurt, emotionally or physically. I might keep my mouth shut entirely on some occasions, but if you ask me what I think, and you actually want me to answer, I'm going to TELL you. I'm not going to be *nice* about it unless I think you can understand me that way. Some people, I'll grant, *can* understand what's being said through all those layers of emotional buffering and political correctness and get what you're telling them. Those people are good - they don't give me ulcers.

But some people - and these, for some reason, are by large majority the ones I somehow end up getting close to - take the figurative as the literal and *won't* listen unless you say something straight-out. PC is no good when it muddles the message.

And damnit, I can't always do both. I say, "do you want me to be honest, or tactful", and most of them say "honest". But if they don't really want that, then why do they say that? I tell them what I think and I get blown up at for being insensitive.

Well, sorry, love, but if the truth hurts, it's better now than later. And if the truth hurts, it's not me, it's you.

Sometimes, tact is useless. Sometimes, you *have* to be blunt. The shock-value is sort of the point. Don't ask questions when you don't want the answers, right?


(This wasn't really directed at anyone who probably *reads* this, so don't take me personally... I'm in a bad mood... *goes off muttering to herself*)

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