Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

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*beats Douglas with a knobbly stick*

You *beat* stupid *beat* bastards *beat* and *beat* your *beat* stupid *beat* summer *beat* selection! *beat*

Five *beat* seats *beat* filled *beat* since *beat* this morning? *beat*



Sigh. Emailed Sarah. Hope she has empty slots, and prerequisite. Both 200-levels have gone from 21/35 to 16/35 seats remaining, since this morning.

Expect shooting spree/despair if all seats filled by three o'clock Tuesday afternoon. :(

Also: finally saw an episode of Wonderfalls. What it lacks in atmosphere (though I have no idea, as I've only seen one episode), it makes up for in dialogue. Though what else could one expect from someone who worked in the Whedonverse? ;)

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