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Summer classes? Suck.

There are literally only three 200-level classes I can actually take. I need two. One doesn't fit with my idiotic required science credit that has only one section left open. Argh. Wednesday and Friday are just going to *suck*. 8am-12pm at David Lam, then 2pm-4pm at New West. Uck. No Mondays, though. Which is something, I guess.

Still need English transfer. Might actually stoop to searching the garage again for the syllabus he gave us - I think I may need it soon. Uh.

I think I know *why* the selection of summer courses is so lame, though. The entire relatively-cheap-and-public sect of the post-secondary system has been moving away from encouraging full-time students and towards part-timers with jobs-and-families. I'm more sure given that the recent federal budget plans increased funding to the part-timers, who already get more non-repayable funding (read: grants) than full-time students whose job is school. And really, out of whose ass was that idea pulled? "I know! Let's put more financial strain on the students with no fixed income, who are completely dedicated to their studies, and give free, no-strings-attached cash to the ones with already-established life-paths and steady incomes who are going part-time and not making school their priority!" I don't get it. I really don't. This must be some part of that really capitalist thing where the entire timeline of the universe extends only three years in any direction. Yeah. Let's let the aging baby-boomers add quick-fixes so they can increase their yearly salary from 70,000 to 80,000. Screw the 18-25-year-olds who need the schooling to *have* futures...'s sad. I remember elementary school, when post-secondary was practically free and *everybody* went, because they could, and were relatively aware they knew nothing straight out of high school. Now we get encouraged to think that "Hey, learning to think critically and logically and challenge two decades of brainwashing? That's an extra. Only for really smart people. Not you, you stupid sheep. Go be a sheep. Watch football."

Calculated budget based on previous two semesters of loans, minus bursary and CST - have precisely eighteen dollars spare, if I get the same amount. Except: I read yesterday's paper, finally. Remember the worry that Martin might utterly fuck up the budget? Well, big shock. He did. Did he *ever*. Among other things, providing helpful programs for "encouraging low-income families to contribute to their children's education", somehow without mentioning that they don't plan on contributing anything themselves. And we of the middle-class majority? No more free monies. Though they are promising to decrease the yearly required parental contribution so that we can - and get ready to swoon with the amazing kindness that is this - borrow more money. Not get awarded. Borrow. Aren't they generous? Arranging it so we can be even *more* in debt than we were before. And completely pansy-ass motions vaguely in the direction of healthcare. We are so screwed.

...but I don't want a Conservative federal government...

I'm confused. How is this helping? The whole thing where virtually the entire born-1980-to-1985 contingent is going to end up defaulted or... uh... on welfare, since we seem to be moving *away* from a service-based industry, the stupid short-sighted capitalist fuckers, and all. How precisely do they plan on remedying this when we of the uber-debts have graduated and walk out into the world $20,000 in the hole? I'm already at $15,000 and change, and I've only done two years academic. Ye gods. Maybe they plan on loan forgiveness. Though I bet it won't apply to anybody but doctors and nurses. >.<

(Yeah. You're right, Mr. Martin. We don't really *need* teachers or scientists or lawyers or city planners...)

My brain hurts.

*sigh* At least I got my classes organized. Now just to cross my fingers that they don't all fill up before my reg date...

...and must remember to vote in Student Union election tomorrow. Must remember. Will write on hand.

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