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I had a dream that we had an earthquake.

Which is weird. There's no faultlines on this side of the country. None in the Atlantic, even, as far as I know.

At home, we're like an hour from the nearest faultline. We're always getting mini-quakes - plus that one time where there was a big quake somewhere in California and the aftershocks broke windows in my highschool and caused the portables to sink minutely into the ground. No, I *wasn't* imagining that part.

But in the dream I think I was in Gil, but the building was on the UBC campus (another weird thing, since I've been on the campus a total of... well, I can count the times on one finger, anyway, and none of them involved anywhere near where I was in the dream - which was, wherever it was, a short walk from their SUB). Weird. I went outside, and the ground started shaking, and everyone but profs were diving for doorways and doing that crouch-on-the-ground-cover-your-neck thing they teach us un elementary school.

Weird. Last time I had that dream (albeit, it didn't involve Gil, as it was about six months before I hit NS) we had that big quake. I wonder if this means something.

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