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...I am finished! Now just to prepare the oral presentation for this paper (for April 5), then only two more papers to go (one and one half, if you consider that one project is with a partner).

Only two more weeks of classes. Then can brain melt. *nods*

EDIT: I think we should protest the new Tim Hortons boxes. They are stupid and flimsy and flat and impossible to close and I think they only introduced them to mimic Krispy Kreme. We don't need to mimic stinkin' Krispy Kreme! I want the boxes with the handles back. (We should, like, complain.) >.<

And... dianahobart? I need Eisenmarche costume fabric. You up for a trip to the giant scary fabric store tomorrow? And possibly the grocery store? Kim insists I ask. :P

AGAIN EDIT: I don't want to jinx it, but...

...It's been raining all day and the roof isn't leaking. I think he may have actually fixed it! *tiny little dance*

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