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A "Westerner", indeed. >.

Okay, so... Harper won the Conservative leadership.

Um. Fear? Can we all feel and share in the fear of the wacko religious zealot winning a major party leadership? I'm fearful. I'm generally equal parts contemptuous and fearful of Harper. Stronach is an idiot, but she's a harmless, predictable idiot. Harper is... cunning. I want him gone.

Hell. I can't stand the Liberals, personally - but I'd take Paul Martin over Steven Harper, any day. Anyone who scolds Chretien for doing the first admirable thing he's done in a decade (in keeping us out of the "war"), and then advocates us cozying up further to the Bush regime, after we've just barely managed to piss them off to a safe distance...? Ugh!

I mean, all right, only 37% of their party voted. But they (the Sun) seem to think that him being "seen as a Westerner" might be enough to sway the same idiots who suddenly voted Liberal last time to vote Conservative this time. Gah. They just might do it, too. Getting shocked into changing their voting patterns "on the off-chance"... such people perhaps shouldn't be voting. Hell. *I* shouldn't be voting. I know *I'm* not politically aware enough to do it responsibly. What does that say for the rest of the province? Maybe this is just me... but do we *really* still think it's a *good* idea to have an economist in power? Haven't we had enough of that? I know I have.

See this? This is me, not writing my paper. Um. What else can I do to procrastinate... I know! Food.

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