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Land lobsters. Sort of.

Went to the co-op office. Idiot woman threw up hands in panic at mere notion of dealing with maintenance query. Gave me phone number for fixing-things man which has been busy for two hours.

However: it seems I correctly identified the invaders: sowbugs? They aren't bugs, they're crustaceans. They have seven legs on each side. Uh. That's interesting, I guess (except for the continually mounting evidence that all forms of lobster and like creature are out to get me). It would me more interesting, were they not in my walls. Or rather, out on my carpet. McGreggor certainly thought it was exciting. I took it to class to ask him and double-check: he is crazy bug-man. Works in biotech. Rolled it around in his hand and poked it and... things. Yes. Anyway, they are apparently not going to eat the house; however, they eat decomposing cellulose (such as is wood), so them being here probably means the wood supports in the walls are rotting. Ugh. >.<

Had another loud, general discussion with any prospective buggy-things in my room. A one-sided conversation, admittedly. Something along the lines of "do not allow it to become possible for me to step on you barefoot, and I will not kill you." I don't know if they were listening. I've been running a heater at the wall for the last five hours or so, though, and haven't seen one since (except the one I've got in a jar, anyway). Sigh.

And: finally got ahold of the AP people. The man on the other end and I had some trouble communicating given as I was using English and he was speaking New Jersey American. Also, the connection sucked, so that added to the fun. But I did find out what happened to my transcript: it was never sent. The idiot woman I talked to in October never sent it. And then he said that since the request was made so long ago I'd have to request it again, and I said "and *pay* for it again?" 'Cause $17 USD is a lot of money on my end. And he went away for a while, came back, asked me to hold on, went away for a while, and then came back and said that no, I don't have to pay for it again, and took down my info and the full addy with the advisor lady's name and they're sending it again. Yay. :)

Now all I need's my Xavier English, and I'm all set. ^.^

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